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I am an actor, just like you.

I also work as a Casting Assistant, and was once an Agent's Assistant in New York.

Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm a working actor in London!

I started Cut Above Editing because I am passionate about helping actors. Where many actors learn the craft of acting in drama school, so few of us learn anything about the business of acting.

Working as a Casting Assistant at Road Casting gives me insight into what people need to see from actors. What can you do to make it as easy as possible for people to ask you to audition, and eventually book you? While much of this industry is out of an actor's control, there are some things that are well within our 
control - and we have to seize those with all our might.

Having a showreel editor on board gives you unbiased insight into how the industry perceives you. What main casting types should you play into? Does that scene really serve you? How should you showreel look if you're looking for a new agent vs. looking to get in for more auditions? These are all questions we discuss.

I edit showreels that are tailored to you. We chat about your work, your goals, your casting types - and figure out a plan from there. The whole process is a collaboration, where you get to make as much or as little decision-making as you like. You will always get my honest insight - I want all my clients to look their absolute best.

If you have any questions about my services, please don't hesitate to reach out via email!

If you want to see more about who I am, my Instagram is here.

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