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Showreel Edit: Rejig




48 hours

What's included

Everything you need to create a captivating showreel!

2-4 minute reel from existing footage

Phone/Email catch up!

Footage ripped from online streaming platforms

Pro Colour Correction

Audio Clean Up

Title + End slides

Ripped footage delivered as separate .mp4 files

Maximum 2 rounds of adjustments (+£20 per extra round)

How it works

We do a full re-edit of your showreel adding your new scene, re-ordering your current ones, and removing any that are no longer needed - all for a discounted rate.


Please note: if you have two or more scenes to add, the edit will be treated as a new booking.


I'll ask you to send me...

- Your new scene (I keep your other footage on file)

- Headshot, if you have a new one

We can have a chat to catch up if you like! Or I can get straight on. Often it's very clear where the new scene goes in the line-up, or what needs replacing. A quick email chat usually suffices. It's still really helpful if you talk to your agent before so we can make sure their needs are met.

Your 48 hours starts now! I'll get working on a first edit, which will be with you 2 days from our chat. I send this through to you as a Vimeo link so it's easy for you to watch on-the-go, and share with your agent and trusted industry friends.


You may have adjustments you want to make, and I provide 2 rounds of these free of charge. Please do consult your agent prior to suggesting changes, as I do charge for additional edits, at £10 per edit. Your agent is the one marketing you, so their opinion is very important!

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