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Showreel Edit: Rejig




2 working days

What's included

Everything you need to create a captivating showreel!

2-4 minute reel from existing footage

Phone/Email catch up!

Footage ripped from online streaming platforms

Pro Colour Correction

Audio Clean Up

Title + End slides

Ripped footage delivered as separate .mp4 files

Maximum 2 rounds of adjustments (+£20 per extra round)

Note: I only work with existing, edited scenes - and cannot help with any raw, unedited footage.

How it works

We do a full re-edit of your showreel adding your new scene, re-ordering your current ones, and removing any that are no longer needed - all for a discounted rate.


Please note: if you have two or more scenes to add, the edit will be treated as a new booking.


I'll ask you to send me...

  • Your new scene (I keep your other footage on file for up to 6 months)

  • Your new circumstances; what's your next goal? New agent? New genre of work?

  • Your initial thoughts for your showreel, including what your agent would like to see. 

Often it's very clear where the new scene goes in the line-up, or what needs replacing. We'll have a quick email back and forth to secure this. It's really helpful if you talk to your agent before so we can make sure their needs are met.

Your 2 days starts now! I'll get working on a first edit, which will be with you 2 working days from receiving your footage. I send this through to you as a Vimeo link so it's easy for you to watch on-the-go, and share with your agent and trusted industry friends.


You may have adjustments you want to make, and I provide 2 rounds of these free of charge. Please do consult your agent prior to suggesting changes, as I do charge for additional edits, at £20 per edit. Your agent is the one marketing you, so their opinion is very important!

Ready to get started? Book below!

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